CityPointe® makes reducing your relocation expenses easy.

CityPointe Services

CityPointe is your complete guide during your relocation process.

CityPointe Origin and Destination Services:

Despite all the planning and good intentions, a relocation may not unfold as you had hoped. That's why CityPointe offers a menu of optional services designed to give you more flexibility, and peace of mind. These services include:

  • Real Estate Assistance

    Real Estate Assistance:
    CityPointe will refer to nationally recognized realtors in your area to take advantage of the cash back benefit.

  • Electronics Disassembly and Setup

    Electronics Disassembly and Setup:
    Including PC/Networks and Home Theaters.

  • Crating

    To protect fragile or high-value items such as artwork, electronic equipment or delicate collectibles, they may need some added attention.

  • Appliance Disconnect/Connect

    Appliance Disconnect/Connect:
    Services for your appliances such as washer, dryer and ice maker can be disconnected and connected as well as pool or hot tub disassembly/assembly can be arranged for you.

  • Assembly/Disassembly

    Professional movers can help with disassembly of furniture, pool tables, grandfather clocks and swing sets, etc. prior to your move or re-assembly upon arrival at your new home.

  • Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Services:
    Move-in or move-out cleaning services.

  • Identity Protection

    Identity Protection:
    A one-year membership in the Member Program.

  • Debris Removal

    Debris Removal:
    After the move, your empty cartons and packaging materials may need to be picked up.

  • Cars/Boats

    Transporting larger items such as cars and boats can be purchased along with most household moving services. Depending on size, the items will be protected and placed in the truck with the rest of your belongings..or on another vehicle if necessary.

  • Storage

    If for any reason you need to stor your belongings while you try to sell your home, or if your home at the new locations is not ready when your arrive, you can receive storage for a short interim (up to 180 days) or much longer stay.

  • Household Goods Moving

    Household Goods Moving:
    Professional moving company will transport personal property including but not limited to appliances, books, clothing, furnishings and furniture.

  • Moving Pets

    Moving Pets:
    Preferred providers: Air Animal Pet Relocation

  • Moving Wine

    Moving Wine:

  • Mortgage Assistance

    Mortgage Assistance:
    Find a lender to assist you with your home buying needs

  • Temporary Housing Services

    Temporary Housing Services:
    From urban to suburban and short-term to long-term interim housing needs, CityPointe understands your needs and can help you find a fresh alternative to a hotel room for you and your family at both departure and destination locations.

  • Rental Assistance

    Rental Assistance:
    Rental Assistance